Philadelphia's First Craft Brewery Delivers Summertime Vibes to Refresh the People.

best summer beer summer in berlin.jpg


Dock Street Brewery is starting summer early with our latest seasonal release, Dock Street Summer in Berlin. This beer offers a unique accent on a classic Berliner weisse with the addition of ginger and lemongrass. Seriously, what can be more refreshing than that?

Spring took forever to get here, so we released SIB, as we call it around the brewery, a little early this year to coincide with the One Year Anniversary of our new Dock Street Cannery + Tasting Lounge. Definitely expect to find it in a Cannery cocktail or two as we near summer.

"Dock Street Summer in Berlin is the perfect beer to drink while sitting on the beach or sweating in the streets of Philadelphia," says Russell. "It's incredibly easy drinking and refreshing but packed full of so much more flavor than other light, domestic beers. Not to mention you don't have to add fruit to it to make it palatable." (Not that we're judging...)

Outside of our brewpub, find Dock Street Summer in Berlin at only a handful of select locations around town, including Bok Bar, Farmers Markets (check our calendar for dates and locations where a brewery rep will be out selling takeout beer at Philly markets), and a handful of other bars and takeout spots, so keep an eye out for this rare but beautiful creature. You'll spot it instantly with it's ultra-summery, iconic label design, and check the bottom right side for a fan-submitted quote from last year's crowd-sourced campaign, #DockStreetCanQuoteMe.