President + Founder

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Born in Sicily to an entrepreneurial family of olive-oil producers and vintners, Rosemarie emigrated to the United States at 10 years old. After earning degrees from Penn State and Moore College of Art, she taught English and worked as a professional photographer before her entry into the world of beer when she co-founded Dock Street in 1985. Rosemarie attributes much of her love and passion for high quality and innovative beers to her family's artisanal background. She is considered an early pioneer and one of the first women in the (still) male-dominated Craft Beer Movement.


Vice President

Marilyn joined us in 2010 and has a hand in almost every facet of the company. While her title is VP, Marilyn is a rare intellectual fource and coordinates brewing operations and sales, navigates the red tape of bureaucracy, organizes the Annual Dock Street Music Fest and is a Founding Partner of Dock Street Brewing Co.'s sister company, Dock Street Spirits. She's also an intrepid diner, a food + drink tinkerer, and a traveler. Just remember: Marilyn has as many hours in her day as you do.


Head Brewer

Mark grew up in York, PA and moved to Philly in 2010 to get a degree in film Temple University. The same thing that drew him to film-making - having an outlet for creative expression - is ultimately what attracted him to brewing, which he considers an equally effective vehicle. He fell in love with craft beer, particularly IPAs, stouts, and sours, (although as Mark points out, beggars can't be choosers) as soon as he turned 21 (not a day sooner of course) and started home brewing in college. He brewed once or twice a week for the better part of a year and read every book about the craft he could get his hands on, and joined the brewing team at Dock Street soon thereafter.


Marketing, Events and Business Development

Renata works on marketing, business development, copy and social media strategy here at Dock Street, as well as helping plan events such as weddings, brewery tours, tattoo parties and more. Prior, she worked as Head of Sales. She's obsessed with the Rye IPA, and Prisoner of Hell is a close second.

Her writing has been published in Boston GlobePaperThe PhoenixBilly Penn and Bustle, and she waxes cynical at She recently started wearing (faux) leather pants as a lifestyle choice, and it's going pretty well.

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Chef, Dock Street West

PJ started crafting pizzas here at Dock Street back in 2009, and now heads up our kitchen, churning out countless perfectly-topped pies each evening. With little more than an effortless and artful flip of his wrist, which by now is equal parts talent and instinct, he's earned the respect of the staff and pizza devotees alike, who rejoice when they see him commandeering the pizza oven as soon as they walk in the door. He developed a love for cooking at a young age, and by eighteen, his career was already underway. When he's not at Dock Street (yes, such a time does exist!) his hobbies are being a family man - he has three wonderful children - sports, and music.


Lead Brewer, Dock Street West

This Philly native studied Fine Arts in school, and now (luckily for all of us) he dedicates his life to the fine art of brewing alchemy. He got his start as a packager at Hangar 24 in Cali, working his way up to cellar/lab technician, brewer, and R+D brewer, all the while homebrewing and reading up on the craft. His faves are French Farmhouse and Brett beers, but when it comes to fermentation, he doesn't discriminate; he makes his own kimchi, kombucha and kefir, and he also loves foraging for edibles with his family; he and his wife are teaching their two young sons the importance of a healthy life and the joys of hiking.


Cellerman, Dock Street South

As a Philly native, Justin has been exploring craft beer ever since he could purchase a pint. And when he and some friends started brewing beer together after college, it became something of an obsession. That obsession led him straight to Dock Street where he found a rowdy group of misfits and fit in perfectly: too weird to live, too rare to die. Now you'll find him dropping into bars, restaurants, and distributors with all the best Dock Street has to offer. When he's not at the brewery you can find him biking around Philly, brewing in his backyard, and exploring the great outdoors (a beer garden) with his dog and girlfriend.


Brewery Tour Guide

Taylor moved to West Philly about three years ago from Delco, and might not ever leave this westerly neighborhood again. His love of craft beer comes from being a homebrewer: capturing a local identity, culture, and horticulture, and distilling it into delicious, sudsy brews. His favorite beers tend to be saisons, but at the same time, he'll try anything once.When he's not working, he's usually reading old-school spy novels, watching professional wrestling, or cheering on the Eagles.

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Assistant Event Coordinator

Erin is a jill of all trades originally from Phoenixville, PA. She brings her unique library, bottleshop, and arcade experiences to planning awesome events for Dock Street. She enjoys a fruity beer in any weather. When she's not at the brewery, she's looking for the next garden gnome to add to her collection.