Dock Street Spirits, soul sister of Dock Street Brewing Co., is proud to (most officially) announce the launch of Vicio Mezcal, the first spirit in a line of exploratory, unique and, foremost, tasteful spirits. Vicio is here!

The adventure of creating Vicio Mezcal began four years ago when Rosemarie Certo and Marilyn Candeloro [both of Dock Street Brewery] traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico. The pair was later joined by Regina Pfohl in a venture named Dock Street Spirits. They explored and taste tested their way around Southern Mexico and eventually fell in love with a family of mezcaleros with whom they've entrusted specific instructions on a complex and smooth mezcal flavor profile. Vicio is one of the truest, most artisanal spirits out there, made with a little bit of blood, sweat and tears from these Philadelphians.

Mezcal has been described as the purest spirit on the planet – it is made by hand and cooked in the earth with age-old methods passed on by generations of mezcaleros (distillers). Our venture encompasses three years of traveling to Mexico, delving into to the Oaxacan culture and meeting with mezcaleros to finalize our perfect mezcal recipe. Vicio Mezcal is smooth with a floral nose. It goes down like lightening, yet it is soft, harmonious and enveloping. “At first sip, it tastes like a fine joven tequila but after a velvety swallow, the signature smokey notes start to bloom” (~Danya Henninger, If you ask Marilyn or Rosemarie about the taste of Vicio, they will tell you 'it tastes like lightening and awakens all the senses!' 

Vicio Mezcal wears an illustration of the axolotl, a Mexican salamander made famous in a short story by Julio Cortazar… ‘the eyes of the axolotls spoke to me of a different life, of another way of seeing.” No one remains unchanged after an experience with Vicio Mezcal. The taste of Vicio Mezcal conjures the archaic remnants and primordial images locked in this voluptuous potion.

Vicio Mezcal landed in Philadelphia in June 2014 and is seeded to select bars and restaurants in Philadelphia and our neighbors in New Jersey. Stay tuned as the team continues to feed your taste for adventure by developing and producing a brand of distinctive and indelible artisanal spirits.

Take the adventure… Vicio Mezcal. #mezcalnights #viciomezcal

Order Vicio Online in PA:

PA Customers order online at Online total price with shipping competes with in store purchase. 

Purchase Vicio in New Jersey

Visit Canal’s Pennsauken, Wineworks Marlton down south or Cool Vines Jersey City and Delite Supermarket Hoboken up north. This is only a partial list of stores carrying Vicio. Contact at for more stores near you.

Bars and Restaurants:

Available through Majestic Wine and Spirits in Pennsylvania, Fedway Associates in New Jersey and Stone Cold Distributors in Puerto Rico and Caribbean Islands

About the Dock Street Spirits Team:

Rosemarie Certo is the founder of Dock Street Brewery, founded in 1985 as the first microbrewery in Philadelphia and one of the first in the country. Marilyn Candeloro is VP of Operations at Dock Street since January 2010. The team has accomplished a lot with Dock Street and look forward to continued success in the craft spirits world. Partner Regina Pfohl rounds out the team with additional entrepreneurial vision, business organization, distilling techniques and project management skills.