The Women's World Cup is in full swing in Canada, and Team USA has already won a match - it's first, against Australia.

We are most certainly not a sports bar, but we are kind of obsessed with soccer, so we'll be screening all the matches our home team plays on the big screen at Dock Street. The Women's World Cup is on until July 5th, and we've got our fingers crossed that our team will give us a reason to have our projector out until then - and bring home another World Cup to add to the two we already have. (Just saying.) We haven't won yet this millennium, sadly (our World Cups were snagged in 1991 and 1999) so this could be our year to take back the glory from Germany, which also has two World Cup victories. Japan took top honors last time, in 2011.

Check FIFA for game times, and head in to Dock Street to watch while you eat hand-tossed pizza and drink craft beer. It's literally the most patriotic thing you could do.