The beer so nice, we brewed (and canned!) it twice.

Ok, so technically we've brewed this baby a handful of times already, but together with Chill Moody, we released the first batch of Dock Street nicethings IPA in cans last month, and it sold out, fast. We're still fielding calls, tweets, and emails from people who slept on the launch and are trying to get their hands on some cans, which, let's face it, disappeared in a couple days. So, because we all need more nicethings in our lives, we're releasing a second batch of Dock Street nicethings IPA cans. 

And, of course, since it's Chill, we're doing a thing. (What, did you think we're just gunna put this beer out there without a party?)

Join us at:

Dock Street Cannery + Lounge
705 South 50th Street (next door to the brewpub)
Wednesday, August 9
from 6pm-9pm
(DJ Greg Nitty from Boom 103.9. is spinning 6-8pm)

for the re-release of Dock Street nicethings IPA and some other festive stuff popping off. More details to come...

(And yes, the party is on a Wednesday - Dock Street Cannery + Lounge is not usually opened on Wednesdays, but nicethings gets special treatment.)

mark russell dock street brewery.png

Want to know more about how the collab came about? Chill Moody talked beer, Dock Street, music and Philly with Highlark Magazine: