Dock Street has now officially been handcrafting beer and hand-tossing pizzas in the Firehouse in West Philadelphia for ten years (!!) - almost a third of our 32-year lifespan as Philadelphia's first craft beer.

This coming year will see even more of Dock Street - our beer and our team members - up and down the East Coast and beyond. Even though our sense of adventure and individuality is brewed into our business model, we’re still as much champions of local pride as ever - especially now that we’ve been in our West Philly firehouse home for a full decade. 

Dock Street gets its name from the area of the city that, in Pre-Revolutionary Philadelphia, served as a hotbed of brewing. We’re still staying true to our bohemian roots and the spirit of progressivism that the city’s history embodies, and we could not think of a better home for that frame of mind than West Philadelphia, a counterculture neighborhood that is a true melting pot of cultures, races and creeds. (We love it here so much that a few months ago, we opened our newest location, Dock Street Cannery + Lounge, right next door to our flagship brewery.)

We don’t claim to have “discovered” West Philly, and we didn’t open up shop here with the intent to conquer, alter, or reshape the neighborhood to fit the typical microbrewery model, simply because we’ve never been the typical microbrewery ever since we started in 1985.

We came because to us, West Philly is one of the truest examples of community in the entire city. We have been embraced and uplifted by our neighbors, and we do everything we can to return the love through community outreach, fundraising drives, and, also importantly, a welcoming space where pirates and statesmen alike can meet for a handmade, artisan beer and a hand-tossed pizza, just like the original namesake street in Philadelphia of old. (Well, maybe not the pizza part. But you get it.)

So, a party is in order, right?

Join us for a day of celebration:
Thursday, August 31
Dock Street Brewpub and Dock Street Cannery
701 + 705 South 50th Street

3pm Can Release, West of Center Pale Ale
6pm-9pm Tattoos (yes, really) at Dock Street Cannery + Lounge
Plus a couple more surprises

We'll start the day with a brand new can release, a special batch of our West of Center Pale Ale brewed with 100% Pennsylvania malts. This is the first time this beer will be in cans, and, as it's a limited edition birthday brew, it's going to go fast. WOC goes on sale at 3pm at Dock Street Brewery.

Then, from 6pm-9pm, tattoo artist Dylan Curry will set up shop Then, at 6pm, join us for tattoos at Dock Street Cannery and Lounge. We're hosting artist Dylan Curry of X-Treme Ink Tattoo in West Chester, PA, who will be banging out anchor tattoos - Dock Street's sigil - as well as one or two other designs, each $20-$25.

(Both Dock Street and the artist will be licensed and permitted by the state and city to serve up tattoos on-site here for this occasion.)