A gaggle of Dock Street brewers past and present. From Left to Right: Will Kemper (now Owner/Brewer at Chuckanut Brewery), Chris LaPierre (now Senior Head Brewer at Iron Hill) Victor Novak (now Head Brewer at Golden Road Brewing), Vince DesRoisier (Dock Street Head Brewer), Sasha Certo-Ware and Mark Russell (Dock Street Assistant Brewers), Rosemarie Certo (Co-Founder and Owner), and Eric Savage (Former Dock Street Head Brewer)

Back in May, we hosted Will Kemper, Dock Street's first Brewmaster from our 18th Street location, for an open-house brewday with some other friends and brewers we collected through the years.

Along with Dock Street owner Rosemarie Certo, Head Brewer Vince DesRoisiers and assistant brewers Mark Russell and Sasha Certo-Ware, Kemper put his Dock Street boots and gloves on to whip up a contemporary version of Dock Street Dunkel Lager, which was Kemper's and Certo's choice brew at the original Dock Street Brew Pub. 

6% ABV 30 IBUs
A German lager characterized by fresh biscuit and complex light caramel flavors/aromas. Medium bodied with a clean finish to balance the slight caramel sweetness. Brewed in collaboration with one of Dock Street's first Brewers, Will Kemper. 

These days, you can find Kemper at Chuckanut Brewery, the brewery he founded in Washington state in 2008 after setting up shop at a few other breweries around the world, including Taps in Istanbul. He has racked up plenty of accolades along the way, and is the recipient of many national and international awards including a GABF award for “Brewer of the Year.” He is known by all for brewing impeccable and delicious lagers and ales, including those he brewed for Dock Street over two decades ago.

The Munich Dunkel is on tap now at Dock Street while it lasts, and it's dark and delish. Vince DesRoisiers, our current Head Brewer, is pretty pleased with the batch. "It's awesome. Smells like fresh biscuits, with a nice, balanced and subtle sweetness finished up with a slight spice. I'm really happy with it."