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This Sunday, as part of our Philly Beer Week 2016 close-out festivities, we're partnering with Philly Philms to exclusively debut a trailer for a new, never-before-seen documentary about beer; specifically how Philadelphia has been shaping the national beer scene since the 17th Century.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hoppiness will unearth how Philadelphia beer fueled the growth of liberty and democracy in America and today's new Craft Beer Revolution. 
-Philly Philms

As one of the leaders of America's Craft Beer Revolution of the mid-1980's, Dock Street co-founder and President Rosemarie Certo shares her input in the documentary, alongside other experts like beer historian Rich Wagner. It's jam-packed with everything you need to know about the history of beer in the City of Brotherly Love, rich imagery, and historically accurate reenactments.

The segment will play on our 125" projector screen during our annual free Music Fest on Sunday, June 12th beginning at 5pm. This will be the first time a segment of the documentary will be shown to the public.

Catch the trailer for the segment above, and follow Philly Philms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on where the full docu-series will run in the near future.

Stills from Philly Philm's  Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Hoppiness

Stills from Philly Philm's Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Hoppiness