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What's On Tap


What's On Tap

We have six beers on tap and one in a cask at our brewpub, and they rotate often.  (Plus two bottled brews, our Rye IPA and Bohemian Pilsner, as well as some limited release specialty 750ml bottles.) Some of the draft beers come straight from the tanks - can't get fresher than that!

Our brewers are constantly coming up with new recipes, experimenting with ingredients, or reviving old classics from our thirty year portfolio of brews. We have a solid roster of year-round staples, like our Rye IPA, and seasonals like our Bohemian Pilsner, Man Full of Trouble Porter, and Summer in Berlin that make regular appearances.  We strive to complement these mainstays with more creative, eclectic brews, featuring anything from wild yeasts and bacteria, fresh fruits and veggies, chocolate, coffee, spices, teas, various wine and spirit barrels, brains (this one time), Himalayan Pink Salt, and even the musical stylings of Wu Tang Clan.

Here's what's currently on tap:



Developed in England prior to refrigeration, beer was conditioned and served at ‘cellar temperature’ (55-60 F). Post fermentation, un-carbonated beer is casked with doses of yeast and sugar. A secondary fermentation occurs, producing alcohol and CO2, which dissolves and naturally carbonates the beer. Expect a gently carbonated pour, showcasing different flavors and aromas at warmer temperatures.We always have new beers waiting in the wings, so this list is subject to change. (But we promise, whatever else is on tap next will be just as great.)

Oh, and check our Beer Archives for past (and returning) beers.

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16oz cans of Dock Street Beer. Brewed on-site in West Philadelphia.


16oz cans of Dock Street Beer. Brewed on-site in West Philadelphia.

16oz Cans

Brewed on-site at Dock Street Cannery + Lounge in West Philadelphia. (For information about where to buy Dock Street cans, bottles and draft beer, click here.)

6.0% ABV 45 IBUs

We designed this golden-hued, clear IPA so that hop flavor and aroma are the primary experience. Oats and a touch of caramel malt make for a mouth coating light body balanced with medium bitterness. Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops create flavors and aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, and just a hint of pine.

4-pack $10.50 / Case $59

8.5% ABV 75 IBUs

Double IPA - Hell may be other people, or so says Jean-Paul Sartre in his play No Exit, but this beer is heavenly. No Exit has an intense, dry, dank, earthy and citrus flavor. Generously hopped with Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. Slightly sweet, plenty bitter and full of hop stickiness.

4-pack $13.00 / Case $68

4.5% ABV 4 IBUs

Double Berliner Weisse with Blood Orange - Named for the South Philadelphian by the same name. This Double Berliner Weisse, fittingly brewed with blood orange puree, flows much like the man they called Jip the Blood. It starts off with a substantially quenching punch of sourness. That intense but pleasant tartness fades to a wonderfully balanced character and body with notes of citrus. This beer comes on strong but leaves you with an enduring and unforgettable finish, or so the story goes...

4-pack $10.50 / Case $59



Dock Street Bottled Beer - 12oz Bottles, Six-Packs, 12-Packs and Cases - Bohemian Pilsner, Rye IPA


Dock Street Bottled Beer - 12oz Bottles, Six-Packs, 12-Packs and Cases - Bohemian Pilsner, Rye IPA

12oz + 22oz  Bottles

Two of Dock Street's core styles are available in 12oz bottles, six-packs, twelve-packs and cases. Spot these bad babies around town at bars, restaurants and distributors in PA and NJ, as well as in-house at Dock Street Brewery and Restaurant and Dock Street Cannery + Lounge in West Philly. (For information about where to buy Dock Street cans, bottles and draft beer, click here.)

dock street philly steady.jpg

ABV 5% 40 IBUs

Brewed in the style of the original pilsner beers of Bohemia in a tradition that dates back to 1842. We use pilsner malts and a generous amount of Bohemian Saaz Hops to produce a golden color, soft, nutty malt flavor and floral hop bouquet.

12oz bottles


ABV 6.8% 64 IBUs

An aggressively hopped American Style India Pale Ale brewed with Columbus, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. The use of 20% rye gives this ale it's trademark dry and spicy character. It's been voted among the Top 15 Rye Beers in the World on Beer Advocate.

12oz bottles

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We are constantly aging and hand-bottling small batches of limited-edition beers, including seasonal specials like our Imperial Oatmeal Stout or a barrel-aged batch of Prince Myshkin Russian Imperial Stout. 22oz bottles are about alchemy for us, and are meant to be stored, shared, collected and traded.

22oz bottles

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Takeout Beer + Kegs

Takeout Beer + Kegs


Bohemian Pilsner 12oz Bottles, Six-Pack / $10.50
Bohemian Pilsner 12oz Bottles, Twelve-Pack /$19
Bohemian Pilsner 12oz Bottles, Case / $36

Rye IPA 12oz Bottles, Six-Pack / $11.50
Rye IPA 12oz Bottles, Twelve-Pack / $20
Rye IPA 12oz Bottles, Case $39

Rotating Specialty 6-packs / $11.50

Logo Growler (Empty) / $5.75
Growler Fill / $14-$18

750ml Specialty Bottles / prices vary 

Cans / 16oz, 4-pack $10.50 - $13.00
Cans / 16oz, Case (24-pack) $59 - $68


Sixtel / $53 - $57 (56 x 12-oz servings)

Keg (1/2 barrel) / $120 + (165 x 12-0z servings)


KEG DEPOSIT / Cash only:  $75 (refunded upon return*)

TAP EQUIPMENT DEPOSIT / Cash only: $55 (refunded upon return*)

AVAILABLE STYLES / Varies each week. For a schedule of select styles, check out our production schedule online here. If you'd like something else, feel free to include details in your request, below -- we may have additional styles available off-menu, so to speak.

*Deposits are refunded in full immediately upon return if returns are received within 14 days from original pick-up. Refunds will not be issued for equipment returned after 14 days from pick-up unless express permission from a manager is given.

Please call 215.726.2337 (BEER) to check current availability and place a request or order by phone.