It takes real grit to be a Philly native or resident (an honor reserved for a scrappy couple million people) and a few dozen local breweries. And while there's room in this city for big beer and craft breweries alike, we just ask that you don't act like you're from here.

So to a certain big beer conglomerate encroaching on our turf with a recent #PhillyHeavy campaign, we counter with #PhillySteady.

Dock Street Brewery was Philadelphia’s first hometown microbrewery since 1985. That’s why we’re proudly declaring ourselves #PhillySteady, and encouraging other local breweries – and the Philadelphians that love them – to repost and share pics of your own fave (and, ahem, actually #PhillySteady) beer moments.

This is not about slaying the influencers that have been tapped to share the "Heavy" hashtag on social media. Many of them are artists, musicians, photographers and incredible Philadelphians that keep this city alive. Some of them are our friends, and it's safe to say that almost all of them are just as likely to be spotted with a craft beer in hand. And from what we hear, they were compensated handsomely - can't argue with that! But we are going to use this chance to speak up, and we're excited to see who's with us!

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