We’ve always had great turnout from our neighbors on these, and have been overjoyed to delivery lots of gifts to students and children for all of our Free Rare Beer drives. Time for another one!

2018 FREE Rare Beer for Holiday Toys.png

Come by the Cannery this season with an unused, unwrapped holiday gift for children, and receive a free pour of a super Rare Beer - never before made, never made again - that our brewers whipped up exclusively for anyone that donates. (And did we say it’s free…?)

This year’s holiday gift drive will benefit Turning Points for Children, which is responsible for the safety, well-being, and permanency of over 2500 children and their families across the two Community Umbrella Agencies served. [Lower Northeast Philadelphia (CUA 3) and West/Southwest Philadelphia (CUA 9).]

Turning Points services children and youth aged 0-21, and here’s a breakdown of ages:

2 years and younger: 12 %
3 – 4 years old: 17 %
5-12 years old: 39 %
13 – 17 years old: 24 %
18 – 21 years old: 8 %

Turning Points suggests toys that children can keep as their own, such as stuffed animals, baby dolls, action figures, toy cars, etc. (As opposed to shared toys like board games and craft activities, which are great but not preferred.)  “A lot of our clients have very few things that are theirs to keep so items like that tend to be very special for them,” explains Turning Points’ Director of Community & Prevention Services.

In addition to toys, they also suggest gifts for older youth - requests include makeup, jewelry, nail polish, headphones, clothing items.

Check this list for some more specific ideas of items Turning Points is seeking.

And, thanks in advance for working with us to brighten the holidays for children in foster care again this year. Anyone who has ever seen a child, and specifically a child in need, receive a gift will know how important this will be, for them and for all of us!