One of our favorite - and swankiest - collaborations to date.

Dock Street’s very first brewpub was at 2 Logan Square in the 1990’s, and we still love to check in with our old neighbors every now and then. We partnered up with The Four Seasons Hotel, across the street from our former spot, to jointly brew a series of delicious beers using ingredients from our own stash, and the Four Season’s pantry.

The first up was the Truffled Old Ale, a traditional English beer that was brewed at Dock Street, aged in Chardonnay barrels in the Four Seasons' cellar, then hand-bottled it and left to condition and dry-hop with winter truffles from the Four Seasons’ kitchen for an additional 4 weeks. The well rounded, predominately malty brew was balanced with just a touch of hop bitterness that complimented the notes of black coffee, dark chocolate and figs, with a dark earthiness from the truffles. The perfect complement to an order of truffled french fries, n’est pas?

Read up on the other three recipes in the collaboration, plus the Spanglish Fly, which has since become a signature Dock Street recipe. And remember, great beer, not just champagne, can be enjoyed with a discerning palate - and pinkies firmly planted in an upright position.

Caliente Golden Ale – Brewed with 100% Blue Agave Nectar. After the beer fully fermented, it made way to the bright tanks where it aged for a few weeks on Guajillo and Ancho chiles that were sourced and selected by Four Seasons chefs. Agave and chillies aside, at its core, Caliente Golden is a traditional Belgian Strong Ale with a subtle, toasty malt profile that quickly moves into notes of tropical fruit and spices, and finishes with a mild residual heat and tanginess from the chiles.

Crackle & Squeeze – 5% ABV – This farmhouse saison brewed with cracked black pepper, Sicilian pink pepper, and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons. Skip right to dessert.

O.P. Yum – ABV 5%, 30 IBUs – O.P. Yum is made with wheat, oats and pomegranate; a melodic trio for a refreshingly tart session beer with interesting complexity and soft, creamy mouthfeel. A slightly rosy appearance and the subtle sour and dry finish comes thanks to the pomegranate.

Spanglish Fly – ABV 6.75% ~20 IBUs – Originally brewed in collaboration with The Four Seasons, this bold and edgy brew balances herbs, spices, aphrodisiacs, and potential hallucinogens. A Bier de Garde by nature, Spanglish showcases fresh ginger, yarrow, and the controversial wormwood. Complex, spicy, and balanced.