The problem with closing out Philly Beer Week with a bang year after year is that you start to look forward to the end before it even starts...

While everyone else is spending Sunday nursing hangovers and vowing never to drink again over mimosas, Dock Street and our brethren are gearing up for a run, scavenger hunt, and free outdoor concert, using all that Vitamin B from a week’s worth of tipple as fuel.

The Scavenger Run starts at 3:30 PM. (It was orignally scheduled for 4pm, please make note of the new, earlier start time!)

Participation is $25 and gets you a beer ticket, a t-shirt with brand new Dock Street artwork (i.e. never before immortalized on a t-shirt, ever) and the chance to win beer prizes for the hunters with the fastest times.

Put to use your superior knowledge of the City of Brotherly Brewery Love, and after the run, celebrate your accomplishments by inviting your lazier, non-running friends to join you at Dock Street for a free concert (and more beer).

Visit to sign up: