How do we love West Philly? Let us count the ways. We've made the Firehouse at 50th and Baltimore our home for the better part of a decade, and, to our heart's content, the community has shown us lots of love, as well. In return, we are always looking for ways to give back - whether through free concerts, coat drives, book drives, or donations.

Starting in December, we began our newest, and hopefully largest, program yet. Every month we'll be swapping a special beer (aged, soured, oaked, irresponsibly hopped, blended - you get the drift) for a donation of school supplies that will be given directly to West Philadelphia Public Schools.  We place an incredibly high value on education and want to offer whatever support we can to our teaching community.

Our next fundraiser is Wednesday, January 20th. We'll be tapping a very unique beer:

Man Full Of Mushrooms Porter

A hefty, dark and malty Imperial Porter infused with European black winter truffle mushrooms, the black diamond of the dinner table.

The donations will be given to the Samuel Powel Elementary School. Principal Ellerbee has asked for: 

Copy Paper (Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and White)
Dry Erase Markers
Post-it Chart Paper

One ream of 8x11 copy paper, for example gets you a free 6 oz pour of this rare and special ale.  While there's a limit of one free beer per donor, we welcome and encourage as many supplies as possible. (And to be clear, we're not suggesting you raid your office's supply closet, even though this is for a good cause...)