Playground politics dictated the rules of trading back in the day; there were strict rules governing the swapping of pogs or the exchange of chocolate pudding for an unwanted "healthy snack." (Thanks, Mom...)

Luckily, for the over 21 set, you can trade school supplies for rare beer here at Dock Street Brewery to benefit the Samuel B. Huey School here in West Philly.

So what is "Rare Beer for School Supplies" and how can you get involved? Easier than algebra:

1. We ask West Philly Schools what supplies they need.
2. You bring $10 worth of those supplies to Dock Street on the third Wednesday of the month and
3. We tap a RARE BEER and give you a 7oz pour as a thank you for being so awesome!

The folks at Samuel B. Huey have asked for the following:

Construction Paper

The rare beer for May is TBD, check back for details:

This is going on all day, beginning at opening time at 3:00pm. Come in and swap supplies for liquid goodness. See you soon!