Summer time, and the living is boozy, er, easy. Live good in the neighborhood on an Almost Summer’s Eve as we usher in the season at Dock Street Cannery. We’ll be toasting three new summer brews, and their beautiful new label art: Dock Street Summer Session, Dock Street Barracuda, and Dock Street nicethings Cream Ale, our newest new-new with hip-hop artist Chill Moody.

LIVE MUSIC from Dave Cope with Preston Hill

POP-UP ART SHOP by Sarah Russell, the artist behind the Summer Haze label, as well as a few other labels like Winter Haze, Crumbling Man, And I have Promises to Keep, and more

NEW CANS and new can art.

You know the garage door will be open, the drinks will be crafty and flowing, and the vibes will be oh-so-Philly-Summer.

Here are the new beers, enjoy them on tap all night long and grab 4-packs to go on the way out!

Dock Street Summer Haze – ABV 5.3% 35 IBUs Pale Ale - This hazy, straw-hued, light bodied Pale Ale is brewed with 2-Row, Munich, and Flaked Wheat which makes for a silky smooth body with a mildly sweet backbone. Hopped with all late stage and dry additions of Citra, Cascade, Amarillo, and Simcoe. Aromas and flavors of bold citrus and tropical fruit. Drink, repeat. BRAND NEW artwork by local artist Sarah Russell, who also did our Dock Street Winter Haze labels featuring a much snowier Art Museum.

Dock Street nicethingsCREAMALE - 4.5% 15 IBU - Blackberry Cream Ale - Brewed in collaboration with West Philly-based hip-hop artist Chill Moody -  Those boys are back at it again, and this time they threw some blackberries in there. Brewed with flaked corn to make it easy drinking, and fermented nice and cool to make it oh so smooth.

Dock Street Barracuda - 4% 4 IBUs - Berliner Weisse - Take the bite out of summertime's oppressive stickiness with this tart, sessionable ale brewed with raspberry and hibiscu that lend an alluring rose-colored hue alongside their delightful fruity and floral contribution, but don't let the good looks fool you - this beer packs a punch like its toothy namesake. First, it's kettle-soured with probiotic cultures to develop a tart acidity, then fermented with our house ale strain until it is crisp and dry. Perfect for a day out on the water, or inland, where the only Barracudas are on throwback radio or in 16oz cans.


Dock Street Agave Lava - 5.5% ABV. Golden Ale. - This beer is the second in a series of collaborations made with Philadelphia-based ceramic artist Brian Giniewski, who designed the label art featuring his signature, drippy aesthetic. This time, we all took a trip to Smökhaus in the Bok Building to smoke agave syrup - a nod to our sister spirits company and our own Vicio Mezcal.