We call this one “The Gang Tries to Get Mac to Come to Dock Street.”

For the past two seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mac has rocked a Dock Street Brewery t-shirt (also, sidebar: he’s pretty ripped now, just saying’), so in honor of the season finale we’re dropping a 5.5% ABV Milk Stout in 16oz cans with artwork by Alexis Grant.

The beer will go on sale at 9:30pm, the episode will be playing on our projector at 10pm, and the kitchen will stay open till 10:30pm so come watch, eat and toast the best show on TV.

We might get a visit, we might get a lawsuit, but at least we’ll get a laugh, so come through and hang.

If you can’t make it out to Dock Street, you can have the beer delivered to your couch - GoPuff will be the only retailer carrying this beer, so fire up your app and order some showtime refreshments.