We are a small brewery, but we've got a huge heart. We sponsor events and fundraisers for a handful of  nonprofit organizations, charities, schools, and community goings-on, especially those that benefit our neighborhood and community, Education and Literacy, LBGT and Women's Rights, local politicians that are doing great things, and a huge variety of causes that are personal to us, our staff,  and to members of our community - including our loyal customers. That said, being small, we do have a certain budget allocated for donations and may not be able to accommodate every request, although we'll give careful consideration to each.

Please fill out this form for all donation requests at least 30 days before your event; we will only consider requests filed here. We get tons of requests each week and may not be able to respond to each one, but you have our word we'll give every request our careful consideration.

UPDATE: We are no longer accepting donation requests through the rest of the season, as we have (quite happily) gone over our donation budget for the quarter.

PLEASE NOTE this means we will be unable to make donations, but we may be able to offer beer at reduced cost for charity + fundraising events.