Next time you’re enjoying a pint at the brewpub, check out the repurposed boat sails hanging from the ceiling. While dampening the sounds from Slayer riffs coming from the stereo, they also commemorate Dock Street Brewery & Restaurant’s recent conversion to 100% wind-powered energy. The sails come to us through donations from friends and via YMCA Camp Tockwogh in Maryland.

As of this summer, every watt of power expended at Dock Street is re-invested in regional and national wind farms across the country through the Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) program. The program, which is provided in partnership with Philadelphia-based Inspire Energy, supports the green energy economy by cutting green energy costs, creating more jobs, and dismantling fossil fuel dominance in the Philadelphia region. Dock Street’s contribution will offset the burning of coal for power, and will hopefully be a small but irritating thorn in the side of grubby oil and gas energy executives.

The move is in line with many of Dock Street’s recent and long-standing sustainability practices, including our increased use of local ingredients, responsible waste treatment, and the installation of a new canning line. Our local sourcing of Cherry Grove Farm Cheese and Faber Liquor, for example, keeps money in the region and creates minimal transportation emissions. For beers on the go, we're adding more and more cans to our line-up. Cans are a lightweight, energy-efficient option for takeout beer, and are produced at Dock Street Cannery + Tasting Lounge right next-door to the main brewpub, further minimizing the need for gas-guzzling transportation. You can’t get more local than that.

At Dock Street, we believe an integrated approach to sustainability promotes a ripple effect in our community and the region. As a small business, we’re committed to keeping the Earth safe for beer drinkers, and everyone else, for generations to come.