Join us on:

Thursday January 14th
4pm - 6pm

For the opening of William Wallace's collection of paintings exploring "otherness."

Wallace's unique perspective on the topic, as it relates to society and identity, is presented in these works using paints he mixes himself and found objects in place of more traditional canvas.

William Wallace is a Philadelphia-based painter and metal worker. Originally from Seattle, he received his Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. While at Evergreen, Mr. Wallace juggled welding for the campus’ metal shop with academics, created a student-led workshop series and assisted the President’s Diversity Fund in workshop development. After graduation he took the road, exploring different corners of the U.S. while developing his ideas and techniques as a visual artist.

Mr. Wallace’s work explores how one may view oneself through the lens of “otherness”.  As a queer black artist, he examines the experiences of those who are excluded from society’s narrative of what constitutes a normal/acceptable identity. William has created a distinct contemporary style, mixing his own paints and using found items - such as windows and door frames - as canvas. 

William Wallace has exhibited work in the Toshiro Kaplan Building for Seattle’s Arts Walk, at Phila Moca for their 2014 “ ‘Murica” group exhibition, and at the 3rd Street Gallery in Old City, Philadelphia . He was also a Visual Arts Director for Mastery Charter Schools Summer Institute.