Dock Street to open a second location, Dock Street Brewery South, on Washington Ave.


Big news for Philly’s First Craft Brewing Company - we’re expanding with a 10,300 square foot brewing facility and mess hall at 21st & Washington Avenue, slated to open in Spring 2019.

Artisanal manufacturing will be a main focus here, with a 20-barrel brewhouse. Our goal is to increase Dock Street Presence and to impact the neighborhood and draw from neighbors and craft beer pilgrims.

Attached to the Brewery will be a Tasting Room + Lounge, where Dock Street Beer, as well as craft spirits, beer cocktails, and light fare will be on the menu. The opening of Dock Street Brewery South means dozens of new jobs will be created in the neighborhood. Dock Street will be creating and seeking new and desirable brewery, managerial and sales positions, along with entry level jobs.

Dock Street’s philosophy on society is not monolithic. The company celebrates all gender, age and backgrounds and prides itself on creating atmospheres where all different races, creeds and ethnic backgrounds convene and feel at home. They figure, “Remember to have fun!” And so, Dock Street’s new location will center around that sense of fun and liveliness.

Our location on Baltimore Ave. will remain open and victorious. Here we will continue to be a home-away-from-home for the many wonderful neighbors we’ve welcomed and friends we’ve made in our more than ten years in West Philly.  Dock Street West will also serve as a testing ground of sorts for smaller-batch, experimental brews, as well as a utopian model of diversity, inclusion, and community that we will carry over to our new location, Dock Street Brewery South.

Also in keeping with Dock Street tradition, Head Brewer Mark Russell and Brewer Edwin Lopez Jr. will create fresh, distinguished high quality beers, with a focus on producing and canning staples beers like Golden IPA, Bohemian Pilsner, Man Full of Trouble, Summer in Berlin. Specialties like Jip the Blood and Prince Myshkin Russian Imperial Stout, and plenty more will continue to make appearances.

Renata Certo-Ware, a Dock Street employee (and Dock Street owner Rosemarie Certo’s daughter) was manning the Dock Street tent at the Fitler Square Farmers Market when a stranger struck up a conversation straight out of Field of Dreams: “You guys should open up a place over on Washington Avenue,” he suggested. “There’s nothing like it in that neighborhood yet.”

Certo-Ware texted Certo and Marilyn Candeloro, Dock Street’s VP, from the farmers market. “Want to open up a spot on Washington Avenue”? Dock Street receives emails weekly touting real estate opportunities in Philadelphia and beyond, but something about this idea felt so right.

“Start looking,” Certo replied.

To be continued...