Make your mark on Dock Street! This month is YOUR CHANCE to have your original quote used on our can labels - just let us know that #DockStreetCanQuoteMe

Have you noticed the quotes on our can labels? They're deep, silly, and honor the brewing process. And the next one could be yours - through December you'll have the chance to submit original (family-friendly) quotes that you think should emblazon a fresh can release (beer to be announced later this month). Here's how it works:

1. Post a photo including Dock Street Beer on social media & tag us in it. 

2. Caption the photo with your original quote and use the hashtag #DockStreetCanQuoteMe

3. Follow @dockstreetbeer and @dockstreetcannery to be entered into the contest.

The top submissions will be voted on by our panel of brewers. The winner will be announced at the end of the month & will have their quote printed onto the label and our cans of beer, which the winner will receive a case of! (Runner up will receive honorable mention & a Dock Street T-shirt).

dock street beer can quote
dock street Kurt Vonnegut quote
dock street funny can quote
dock street existentialist
dock street chill moody
Dock Street No Exit quote
dock street beer can quotes
dock street little chicken donut quote

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