Dock Street West’s little sibling, Dock Street Cannery + Tasting Lounge, our gorgeous garage bar and event space, is stepping out of its sibling’s shadow and differentiating itself with super rare one-off beers.

Until now, Dock Street Cannery has lent its 10 taps to Dock Street staple beers (plus a draught cocktail and draft wine), but Dock Street West Head Brewer Eddie Lopez is giving it an upgrade, turning the Cannery into a destination for super-rare beers that will not be found anywhere else - not even next door at the main brewpub! 

“We’re turning the Cannery into a space where we have more unique and crafted offerings, and add value to the Dock Street West experience,” says Lopez. “We want folks who come for the pizza and beer at the brewpub to swing by the Cannery for a couple drinks because they know that is where they can try some fun creative beers and cocktails that they can't get anywhere else.”

Eddie wasted no time whipping up some small-batch, single keg variants of our beers. “These will always be fun, experimental beers using fruit, spices, and other unique ingredients. They’ll be released on a rotating cycle, so once one kicks it’s done and a new totally different variant would replace it.”

Of the six beers on draft, three to four will be one-off variants, one or two will be Brett or Sour barrel-aged beers, and one tap would remain a straight beer as an standard offering for, ahem, less adventurous - or classics-loving - folks.