Cans are lined up, topped off and ready to go in four-packs and cases.

The initial release date is 4/27 @ 4pm outside of Dock Street. Cans will only be available for takeout for now as we build up our stock and send some out to a few of our ride-or-die restaurant + bar friends across the city. You'll just have to enjoy draft beer fresh from the tanks while you're here and stock up on pounders to pound from the comfort of your own porch.

4.5% ABV 4 IBUs

Double Berliner Weisse with Blood Orange - Named for the South Philadelphian by the same name. This Double Berliner Weisse, fittingly brewed with blood orange puree, flows much like the man they called Jip the Blood. It starts off with a substantially quenching punch of sourness. That intense but pleasant tartness fades to a wonderfully balanced character and body with notes of citrus. This beer comes on strong but leaves you with an enduring and unforgettable finish, or so the story goes...

4 pack (4 x 16oz) $10.50 / Case (24 x 16oz) $59

6.0% ABV 45 IBUs
We designed this golden-hued, clear IPA so that hop flavor and aroma are the primary experience. Oats and a touch of caramel malt make for a mouth coating light body balanced with medium bitterness. Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops create flavors and aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, and just a hint of pine. 

4 pack (4 x 16oz) $10.50 / Case (24 x 16oz) $59

8.5% ABV 75 IBUs

Double IPA - Hell may be other people, or so says Jean-Paul Sartre in his play No Exit, but this beer is heavenly. No Exit has an intense, dry, dank, earthy and citrus flavor. Generously hopped with Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. Slightly sweet, plenty bitter and full of hop stickiness. 

4 pack (4 x 16oz) $13.00 / Case (24 x 16oz) $68

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