Our second killer collab with ceramic artist Brian Giniewski is smokin’ good… …and it’s available here at Dock Street and on GoPuff.

Remember Dock Street Guava Lava from last summer? This is Dock Street Agave Lava, inspired by Brian’s drippy aesthetic, with label art by the man himself. This brew is made with smoked agave syrup that Eric from South Philly Smokhaus helped us smoke at this shop at the Bok Building making it a collab within a collab 🤘🏽

5.5% ABV Golden Ale - This beer is the second in a series of collaborations made with Philadelphia-based ceramic artist Brian Giniewski, who designed the label art featuring his signature, drippy aesthetic. This time, we all took a trip to Smökhaus in the Bok Building to smoke agave syrup - a nod to our sister spirits company and our own Vicio Mezcal. Dock Street Agave Lava is only available at Dock Street Brewery and on GoPuff, so stock up on this special golden ale brewed with Smoked Agave, featuring label art by Philly-based ceramic artist Brian Giniewski.

We’ll be popping up with this beer for sale along with Brian Giniewski, who will have his incredible pieces for sale, at South Philly Smökhaus. Stay tuned for dates!