Join us at Dock Street Brewery
Tuesday, November 24th at 5pm 

We'll have some extremely rare, limited releases for sale, which are perfectly transportable wherever Thanksgiving and the other holidays, denominational or not, take you:

Available Bottles:

Barrel Aged Nino's Prickly Pears, ABV 6.75%, 20 IBUs
(Available in 12oz bottles)

Nino’s Prickly Pears is inspired by the enchanting world of Sicily, the birthplace of Dock Street founder Rosemarie Certo. A classic European farmhouse ale brewed with fichi d'india (prickly pears, aka cactus fruit). The vibrant ruby appearance and succulent, delicately sweet aroma invite you in, and notes of kiwi, raspberry and bubblegum are an offer you can't refuse. Nino's Prickly Pears is an escape from winter, evocative of semitropical Sicily and its scorching sun.

Sexy Beast Chocolate Stout, ABV 7, 26 IBUs
(Available in 22oz bottles)

Sexy Beast is a chocolate style stout brewed with 22 lbs of fine Belgian chocolate. This smooth stout is embellished with robust flavors of red wine and bittersweet chocolate that are softened with hints of cherry and oak. This beer assures us that with the right of combination of ingredients, we can all feel like a Sexy Beast. Aged in our cellars for one year. Bottle conditioned.

Prince Myshkin Russian Imperial Stout, ABV 9.5%, 71 IBUs
(Available in 22oz bottles)

Pours a deep, opaque, midnight-black, with a dense milk colored head. Brewed with a large percentage of roasted and chocolate malts, this huge beer is then aged on oak chips for added depth and complexity. Flavors are reminiscent of dark fruits, chocolate and sandalwood, making Prince Myshkin’s Stout perfect for dessert, or a dangerously smooth nightcap. "But who's Prince Myshkin," you may be wondering? He's the Idiot-Sauvant from Dostoyevsky's novel, The Idiot, who the Russian writer described as "entirely positive... with an absolutely beautiful nature".

On draft, we'll be serving up:

Nino's Prickly Pears
2012 Cellar-aged Barley Wine
And, a surprise cask.


See you here!