Beer + pizza is bae, but for the human loves in your life, we've got you covered.

The floral wizards over at Philly-based flower delivery service UrbanStems are setting up a pop-up DIY bouquet station here at Dock Street, so while you sip your beer and wait for your pizza you can work on your flower arranging skills, too. You'll get to take home your creation in a customized Dock Street bottle vase. Keep it for yourself, or give it as an Valentine's Day pregame for the Urban Stems bouquet (or Dinosaur vase, our personal favorite) that you can order on-site for VDay delivery.

Bubbly Wit, our wheat beer brewed with Champagne yeast, will be on tap and for sale in 22oz bottles to round out your Valentine's Day curation as a less-obvious, more local alternative to Champagne.

ABV 7.75% 18 IBUs
stronger-than-average Belgian-Style Wit Bier brewed with 100% champagne yeast. Smooth clean malt profile with notes of citrus, coriander, and exotic spice, along with prominent fruitiness lent by the yeast, which lingers long after the finish. High carbonation rounds out the profile of this special ale, the true Champagne of beers. In keeping with tradition, this wit is served with the yeast, lending an opaquely cloudy appearance.