Extended hours on Sunday + Monday, plus business as usual and reservation acception the rest of the week.

Come by with your family and friends to celebrate another successful school year and the very welcome beginning of summer.

 Sure, beer and pizza are perennial college dietary staples each semester, but you’re a year older and wiser now, so upgrade to fresh artisanal beer and hand-tossed, wood-fired pizzas while your parents are paying.


SATURDAY, MAY 20: 12pm to 1am (Kitchen 'til 12am)
SUNDAY, MAY 14: 12pm - 11pm (Kitchen 'til 10pm)
MONDAY, MAY 15: 12pm - 11pm (Kitchen 'til 10pm)
TUESDAY, MAY 16: 3pm to 11pm (Kitchen 'til 10pm)
WEDNESDAY, MAY 17: 3pm to 11pm (Kitchen 'til 10pm)
THURSDAY, MAY 18: 3pm to 11pm (Kitchen 'til 10pm)
FRIDAY, MAY 19: 12pm to 1am (Kitchen 'til 12am)
SATURDAY, MAY 20: 12pm to 1am (Kitchen 'til 12am)
SUNDAY, MAY 21: 12pm to 5pm (Kitchen 'til 4pm)

Reservations for large groups recommended. Email renata@dockstreetbeer.com to book.

AND, Don't forget the Dock Street Cannery + Tasting Room is now open Thurs - Sat for cocktails, beer + wine, and small plates.