Time for the third installment of our Rare Beer For School Supplies drive! Taking it back to Lea Elementary again.

This Wednesday: Bring school supplies, get free beer. Easy as algebra, but slightly more useful.

We'll be tapping a really special beer for this, as always.

How special? Remember when we released Dock Street Beer Ain't Nothing To Funk With, our Wu Tang-infused saison? This Wednesday, we're tapping "Control," the aptly-monikered control brew, and while it hasn't been listening to Wu Tang on Spotify for like, ever, it's aged an extra few months and has some funk of its own.

6.6% ABV
This Golden Saison made its way into a red wine barrel in a cool section of the brewery. The addition of Brettanomyces B & C changed the game with a new level of tart and funk. 

One ream of 8x11 copy paper, for example gets you a free 6 oz pour of this rare and special ale. While there's a limit of one free beer per donor, we welcome and encourage as many supplies as possible. (And to be clear, we're not suggesting you raid your office's supply closet, even though this is for a good cause...)