This is an ongoing thing (we actually lost count of what round this is), but it's our *first* School Supplies Drive of 2017, and the beer is special, rare, and very close to our hearts - and brewery. 

YOU: Bring in school supplies, which we will donate to a local West Philly school (this month's recipient is TBA)

WE: Give you a free 6oz pour of an ultra-rare beer.

The beer this month is one that we've been working on, talking about, and surreptitiously sneaking tastes of for quite some time now, but that very few have gotten to try yet.

5% ABV
Wild Ale 'dry-hopped' with smoked pineapple

We harvested the wild yeast for this brew in a petri dish parked outside of our brewpub on 50th and Baltimore, and worked with Biochemist and Molecular Biophysicist Michael Soo of the University of Pennsylvania (pictured above, alongside Brewery Dude Sasha Certo-Ware) to bring it to fruition. We're willing to part with (some) of it for your school supplies.

Suggested donations include:

Copy paper



Pens + Pencils


Folders + binders