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It's been a while since we rolled out our big screen for movie night, so we're making it a double - just in time for Halloween.

This Tuesday night, we'll be screening Young Frankenstein and Nosferatu, beginning at 7pm.


This Mel Brooks-directed classic follows Dr. Frankenstein's grandson, a neurosurgeon (because #obvi) who inherits the family castle and repeats the same "re-animation" experiments his grandfather did. This time around, the backdrop is pure seventies gold, and the side kicks include a hunchback named Igor and the requisite hot lab assistant named Inga.

Pairs excellently with: (New!) Fried Brussel Sprouts and our bean2bean Espresso Stout that could totally wake the dead.


The second movie will be Nosferatu, the original 1922 silent film about a certain real estate move that gets a couple of vampire Counts closer to Dracula's castle. 

Pair this with a Flammenkuche Pizza and a pint of There Will Be Blood...Orange IPA