You voted, Chill Moody brewed it - the final batch of nicethings IPA is ready and it's dropping this Friday with a special release party.


We'll tap nicethings IPA at 4pm and fete till it's gone, and Chill will be in-house to celebrate from 4-6pm before he heads to The Fillmore to perform later in the evening. (nicethings IPA will be on tap at The Fillmore, too.)

nicethings IPA
American IPA - 6.4% ABV 37 IBUs

The boys don' did it on this one. Hazy, hoppy, heady. They even tossed some pineapple in there. This beer's got hops and those things are nice. Mosaic hops run the show, featuring Amarillo and Simcoe on the chorus.

Brewed with hip-hop artist (and hop hop artist -- sorry, couldn't resist) Chill Moody.

Chill Moody and Head Brewer Vince DesRosier added a generous helping of pineapple to the brew, so in honor of their heavy hand, we're featuring a special pineapple pizza on the menu for the evening.

Chill will have no time for a hangover; on October 1, our favorite West Philly rapper is heading up to NYC for The Roots Picnic armed with his words, his beats, and some swigs of nicethings IPA to represent our city.