Free Rare Beer for School Supplies is back in a niiiice way - one that includes a hang sesh with Chill Moody from 5-7pm at the Cannery.

We're kicking off the school year with a round of our beloved school supplies drive.

Quick crash course on how this works:

YOU: School Supplies.
US: Free Beer.

Easy A. That's just how we roll with our ongoing series, Free Rare Beer for School Supplies Drive. Bring in supplies to be donated to a local area school, and we'll give you a 6oz pour of a one-time only, never done before, never done again, tiny-batch beer.

This time around, the free rare beer will be a special, infused cask of Dock Street nicethings IPA, our collab brew with hip-hop artist Chill Moody. And, keeping it all in the family, we're sending supplies over to Masterman - our dude Chill's old stomping grounds.

This will be held over at Dock Street Cannery + Tasting Lounge, next door to the main brewpub. Chill Moody will be in house from 5pm-7pm to hang out and toast the donations with a nice pour of nicethings IPA.