School isn't over yet, and we're back at it with our Rare Beer For School Supplies drive, one of our very favorite on-going events and one that is close to our hearts. 

So what is "Rare Beer for School Supplies" and how can you get involved? Easier than algebra: 

1. We ask West Philly Schools what supplies they need.
2. You bring $10 worth of those supplies to Dock Street on the third Wednesday of the month and
3. We tap a RARE BEER and give you a 7oz pour as a thank you for being so awesome! 

This month's recipient school is TBD, but we suggest the following items:

White Copy Paper
Colored Copy Paper
Colored Pencils

The rare beer is a killer brew:

Tequila Barrel Aged Crackle and Squeeze - 6.5% - We took our farmhouse saison brewed with black pepper and Meyer lemon and aged it in a tequila barrel for nearly 8 months. The result is a complex beer with strong aromas of tequila but a smooth finish.  Lingering flavors of pepper and lemon blend with a soft oak character. Refreshing, complex, and delicious.

This is going on all day, beginning at opening time at 3:30pm. Come in and swap supplies for liquid goodness. See you soon!